Curious about what we can do? Scroll below to see some of my favorite projects we’ve worked on recently!


Breanna needed an entire branding package for her new dream boutique business. Starting from scratch means we can create a well thought out platform. Everything that follows will have a foundation to build from.  Printed pieces from gift cards to advertisements all stay cohesive when you start with a logo and solidified branding guide! 

Best part about this project |  Breanna’s passion. The girl is an extremely hard worker and understands the value of determination. She’s also incredibly business saavy.

VOKE marketing

After leaving her marketing job in Colorado, Kate moved back home to Nebraska to start her own company. From the beginning we knew that Kate’s focus and strengths lied in corporate and feminine businesses. We wanted something that wasn’t overly fussy. Keeping in mind that some of her clients were more corporate, we settled on a logo that was contemporary and striking while adding dark maroons and mauves to lighten it up. The final look: something that speaks to a upscale market while maintaining an approachable look and color scheme.

Best part about this project | Because Kate is my sister, I’m biased. However, my favorite part of this project was coming up with a brand together. Collaborating has it’s benefits, especially when you share the same DNA!

MIDWEST apartments

Kora (my co-web designer) and I knew from the beginning this site would be a bigger undertaking. But, bigger projects are always the most rewarding. I am so excited for Midwest Apartments and their new streamlined sites. MA has grown quickly over the last few years, acquiring new apartment location across the U.S. They were in need of an entirely new site that had galleries, maps, links for tenants and prospective tenants to pay, maintenance forms, and online applications. We also added anchor links to help users navigate quicker. User-functionality was our biggest priority. 

Best part about this project | Implementing new widgets and secure forms was a fun experience. We always love figuring out ways to make something smoother for the end-user.

DOWNTOWN coffee company

The Downtown Coffee Company has been a local fixture for myself and many other local freelancers So, when Chris approached me to revamp their branding I jumped at the opportunity. We kept their original logo, but gave their menus, gift cards, business cards, etc new life. The blackboard look conveys a homey yet fun vibe. Little elements like overlapping eggs and beans spilling across the page add a sense of whimsy!

Best part about this project | Tapping into the food and cafe industry! I’ve always dreamed of working with a client in this field so this was one to cross off my dream projects. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work with spilled coffee beans and cookie graphics all day?

Express soccer

Norfolk Express Soccer Club was in need of an entirely new website and look. They wanted something youthful that would provide a better user experience than their current site. Keeping in mind the user/ parent’s needs as they navigated the site, I created layouts that flowed information easily. We narrowed down and refined content several times to give important items the correct priority. We also created specific forms that allow the board members to all receive certain emails based on the subject!

Best part about this project | I love channeling my inner kid when I kid, and this project had plenty of opportunities to sneak in fun borders, icons and color schemes. Kelly green was their main color, so to modernize it, we added a variety of hues!