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ABOUT leah fowler

Hello there! In 2015, after working a 9-5 design job where I was craving a bigger challenge, I decided to take the plunge and created Fowler Design Co. I grew my business helping clients with their logos, brochures and printed materials, but noticed many of my clients were often in need of more. They were often unable to find someone who could create a cohesive brand or design both functional AND stunning websites which led me to partner with Hollman Media.

Today I offer a full spectrum of branding services. I believe in complete transparency and empowering clients with knowledge over their products. An investment should create value over and over again. 

Currently I live Norfolk, NE with a very ornery toddler (Kaylee), and tiny mini-me (Ember) and my Drag Racing-obsessed husband (Caleb). I love Asian food, playing the Sims, sewing. scrapbooking, and basically all old lady hobbies.

CURRENT clients