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OUR story

Hello there! In 2015, after working a 9-5 design job where I was craving a bigger challenge, I decided to take the plunge and created Fowler Design Co. I grew my business helping clients with their logos, brochures and printed materials, but noticed many of my clients were often in need of web design. They were often unable to find developers who created both functional and stunning websites. There was also a repeating pattern of clients not having control over their site when they needed it. It made perfect sense to delve back into web design for me- why wouldn’t I want to see a project from start to finish?

Today we offer a full spectrum of branding needs. I believe in complete transparency and empowering clients with knowledge over their products. An investment should create value over and over again. 

Currently I live Norfolk, NE with a very ornery toddler (Kaylee) and my Motorsport-obsessed husband (Caleb). I love Asian food, playing the Sims, and basically all old lady hobbies.

ADDITIONAL rockstars


Kate Renter of Voke Marketing


Kate owns Voke Marketing and is also Leah’s sister. Leah is biased but truly does believe she is a freaking rockstar and wants to hoard her to herself… but Kate is selfishly self-employed. Rude. 


Kati Bernhardt


Kati is Leah’s right-hand woman. A true gem, and secret hidden weapon of Fowler Branding. She loves all things pink, peachy and neutral. No really. She LOVES them.

web design

Kora Kassmeier


Kora owns her own web and graphic design business in South Dakota. She is a hippy, a nomad, a gypsy and thus the total opposite of Leah but they share an intense love for weird hobbies and discussions. She is responsible for many of the beatiful websites created. 



Least productive employee. Falls asleep on the job, easily distracted and doesn’t understand what an office voice. Word is, she stealing all the colored pens. Honestly she just works here because we can’t catch her. 

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